About Us

In 1991, the Marie C. and Joseph C. Wilson Foundation established Wilson Commencement Park (WCP) to help low-income single-parent families transition from public assistance to financial independence and personal self-sufficiency. WCP is a self-contained “community” where residents can live for 24 months in attractive and affordable housing and receive comprehensive care management, educational and life skills support, career-development assistance, and eventual placement in “next step” permanent housing.

We are committed to nurturing and supporting our families’ potential through holistic and integrated programs that include:

  • Independent Housing, which consists of 50 individual town homes and 18 handicapped-accessible apartments with up to three bedrooms in each unit. Residents are expected to maintain their homes by keeping them clean, paying for rent and utilities, respecting the privacy of their neighbors, and contributing to the sense of community that WCP fosters.
  • Family Support Serviceswhich provide comprehensive case management, vocational assessment and training, life skills classes, child-enrichment activities and support for youth, mentoring, and resident-initiated leadership opportunities.

In accepting applicants to our two-year program, we ask only one thing of them: Are you ready to commit to changing your life and supporting yourself and your children? When they answer yes, we forge a nurturing and supportive partnership that enables our families to achieve their personal goals and realize their fullest potential.

WCP is committed to developing successful families and we work as a team to help change lives for the families we serve.