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“WCP was my lifeline to stability at a time when everything around me was crumbling. With their support and guidance, I found my way to a positive future!” – WCP Graduate A. Lawrence.

Since 1991, WCP programs have made an enormous impact on the lives of over 800 parents and over 1400 children. Through donations made by from generous supporters like you, families have obtained safe, stable housing, achieved education and/or employment goals, and strengthened the community.

The parents and children of WCP have had to meet great challenges: families have lost their homes, their jobs, their safety, their chance for a good education, their children and even their mental health. Together, WCP’s family support services including life skills coaching, financial literacy training, safe and affordable housing, and child care programs give parents what they need to meet their goals and obtain a home, an education, a job, and a healthy environment for their children.

The following are just a few accomplishments your support has helped us to achieve:

  • Over 95% of surveyed former WCP residents are stably housed and all are able to pay rent within their means.
  • Three-time national winner of the of the MetLife Enterprise Foundation’s Beyond Housing Award for Excellence, as one of the top performing, service-enriched housing programs in the US worthy of replication.

You can help make a difference in the lives of families today. Please make a tax-deductible contribution by mail to: Wilson Commencement Park, 251 Joseph Avenue, Rochester, NY 14605.

If you would like to direct your contributions made through the annual United Way Campaign to Wilson Commencement Park, please use our donor designation code #1618.