Family Support Services

Many times the road to self-sufficiency and financial independence is filled with obstacles. WCP provides programming for families who are experiencing a range of challenges and have special needs. These families have an intense desire to turn their lives around, but often have no idea how to go about it and lack a network of support.

WCP helps families achieve:

  • Financial independence
  • Living wage
  • Marketable skills
  • Fulfilling job
  • Affordable housing
  • A bright future for their children

For many, WCP is their first step toward family and financial stability. These families will achieve long-term stability thanks to an integrated model centered on strong care management which provides direct assistance and links to other resources to meet the diverse needs of low-income single parents families. The methodology of helping families thrive is built upon our comprehensive support services and the resident’s self investment. This is a formula for success!

The following resources and strategies help WCP residents gain the skills and resources they need to become self-sufficient. These strategies help us develop successful families!

Family Life Coaches

Individualized case management:  Many WCP residents lack a positive role model to teach them skills such as time management, money management, parenting and appropriate social behavior. WCP helps residents develop the personal and social competencies they need to succeed in their work, family and community life. Residents develop these skills through establishing goals with their Family Life Coach. The majority of our families WCP have moderate to severe financial problems, which are addressed by their Individual Program Plan (IPP) where they learn to maximize limited financial resources through effective money management, and enables them to support a family and meet long-term goals of job stability, gain permanent housing (including home ownership), and attain higher education

Employment assistance:  Our Career Development Specialist assists the residents with formulating job search strategies, creating resumes, and learning interview skills; individual coaching on job acquisition, job retention and professional advancement.

Housing choice and mobility counseling:  Assistance in locating and transitioning into permanent housing in a neighborhood of choice.

Residential Housing

Residents have the opportunity to live at our facility for 24 months, working with the Family Life Coaches and participating in the Self Sufficiency program.  Attractive, safe and affordable housing is provided and consists of:

  • “The Park” – 50 two- and three-bedroom Cape Cod-style townhouses
  • “Destiny” – 18 two- and three-bedroom apartments

We are located in a park-like setting in the heart of the city of Rochester, with easy access to public transportation and resources such as elementary schools, health facilities, grocery stores, and retail shopping.

Communiversity: Life Skills Academy

A critical part of achieving goals is the resident’s participation in Communiversity: Life Skills Academy.  Communiversity offers evening courses on parenting, health and wellness issues, job search, personal growth, and budgeting which promote self-sufficiency. These courses help residents become more confident, assertive, and independent. Residents are required to attend three workshops monthly.

Resident’s Council

We encourage all of our residents to become involved with the Resident’s Council. This Council is comprised of WCP residents whose objective is to foster a sense of community among residents. All meetings are open to any interested resident. The Council meetings are forums to discuss issues that are of concern to all residents and to share ideas and suggestions for the purpose of improving their quality of life.