We cannot make an impact without you. Wilson Commencement Park welcomes a variety of volunteers to assist our families in achieving true independence. If you would like to volunteer, email Dr. Seanelle Hawkins at shawkins@pathstone.org.

Volunteer Positions

Career and Educational Volunteer:

Our Career Development Volunteer will assist residents with formulating job search strategies, creating resumes, and providing support in the area of job acquisition, job retention and professional advancement.

Life Skills Volunteer:

The Life Skills Volunteer will assist the Community and Volunteer Coordinator with planning and organizing classes on parenting, health and wellness, job search, and personal growth.

Homework Helper:

Assist children enrolled in Kindergarten, through their 12th grade school year with reading, math, and college readiness skills.  The Homework Helper will also help with finding new and innovative ways for children to learn.

Recreation Coach:

The Recreation Coach will assist with providing a positive environment where children can learn sportsmanship, fundamental skills, teamwork, and responsibility. The Recreation Coach will help organize and facilitate field days, arts and crafts, sporting activities, movie nights, dance parties and additional fun activities.

Clothing Closet Organizer:

The Clothing Closet Organizer will manage the Wilson Commencement Park donation closet. The Clothing Closet Organizer will also manage the intake of items and occasionally assist families with finding the items they need.

Volunteer Application